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DEMOS Project

Online Materials for Staff Disability Awareness
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Dyslexic students FAQ

Eight Questions Academics ask when marking the work of dyslexic students. These pages are designed to provide practical help to academics and a starting point from which to build their own knowledge and understanding of dyslexia.

Visually Impaired Students and E-Learning: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that the ILT / ICT Task Force from Royal National College for the Blind are asked in the course of their work. A useful aid to supporting students with a visual impairment.

Deaf People's Access to Nurse Education Project

Naomi Sharples, Nurse Tutor at the University of Salford discusses an innovative and exciting project to support deaf students into Nursing.

Student Interviews

Semi-structured interviews were carried out in the four Demos Universities with students who were known to staff in the Disability Offices. It is intended that these transcripts will situate the learning materials available within the Demos modules by providing accounts of the real life experiences of students. (Permission to publish the accounts has been obtained from each student).

Accessible Web Design Guide

A collation of tips, guidelines and resources for web designers who wish to make their sites accessible to users with disabilities. Includes a report on accessibility techniques used on the Demos site.

Research reports

Research published by Mike Wray during the duration of the project.

Project Related Links

...useful links to information about disability, teaching and learning, online learning and staff development issues.

Module Resources

...additional resources to complement the information provided in the modules such as bibliographies and web links, alternative formats for printing and downloading.


...terminology used in the modules explained.

Abbreviations & Acronyms :

...explanation of abbreviations and acronyms used in the course modules and the project reports.