Update April 2022: This site and the business are no longer active. This is simply an archive of my past. You can still contact me, though.


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[Heilpraxis Tanja Bürger website]

Heilpraxis Tanja Bürger

since 2019

A website for Tanja Bürger, a non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy.

[ Website ]

[MassageRaum website]


since 2015

A website for a friend's thai massage and yoga practise.

[ Website ]

[Zeiteninsel website]

Zeiteninsel - Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Marburger Land

2014 - 2019

The Island of Ages. An open air museum near Marburg, Germany that is currently being developed by a non-profit organisation.

[ Zeiteninsel Website ]

[Gemeindebücherei Forst website]

Gemeindebücherei Forst

2017 - 2018

A new accessible and user-friendly website for a local community library.

[ Website ]

[ATOP website]

ATOP Limited - Assessment and Training of People

2005 - 2019

ATOP provides assessment and training services in the field of disability in higher education in the UK.

[ ATOP Website ]

[Dissens Paedagogik website]

Dissens - Pädagogik und Kunst im Kontext e.V.

2005 - 2015

A non-profit organisation based in Berlin that provides advisory, education and research services in the field of education, youth and gender work, especially through participatory art projects with a gender-neutral approach.

[ Dissens Website ]

[Gerenep website]



Gerenep - Geschlechterreflektierende Neonazismusprävention

A project of the non-profit organisation Dissens - Institute for Education and Research, Berlin, dealing with neo-nazi prevention.

[NNAC website]

NNAC - The National Network of Assessment Centres

since 2008

Organisation representing DSA Assessment Centres in England and Wales.

[ NNAC Website ]

[TM website]

Tanzschule Manhold

since 1999

My parents' ballroom dance school in Germany where I also work as a dance instructor.

[ Tanzschule Manhold Website ]

[YorLinc website]

YorLinc - Assessment & Training

2010 - 2018

Organisation providing assessments for the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) and delivering training in assistive technologies.

[ YorLinc Website ]

Gender Loops

[Genderloops website]


Multilingual website for a Dissens Berlin Project: Gender Mainstreaming strategies for educators in vocational training institutions.

[Shin-so Shiatsu website]

Shin-so Shiatsu

since 2009

Shin-so Shiatsu practice in Bretten, Germany.

[ Shin-so Shiatsu Website ]

[Solarrex website] [Solarrex website]



A real estate and solar panel business. Graphic design by Sabine Hoerlin.

[WWP website]

Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Europe

Dissens Berlin project.

2006 - 2008

Multilingual website for a Europe-wide project in 17 languages with a searchable database. My sister collaborated on this project.




My sister's business.

[Dissens website]

Dissens e.V.

2005 - 2015

Dissens e.V. is a non-profit NGO that provides advisory, education and research services in the field of adult education, youth and gender work.

[BPJ website]

Betriebliche Praktikumsplätze für Jungs


Dissens e.V. project.

A simple front end for a database designed by my sister Antje.

[GenderWerk website]


2006 - 2013

Dissens e.V. project.

Providers of training and consultation in gender issues.

(I advised against the colours that constitute an accessibility problem.)

[ GenderWerk Website ]

['Unser Platz' website]

"Unser Platz"

2005 - 2012

"Unser Platz" (Our Site) is a project of Dissens e.V., whose aim it is to foster participation in sports activities in Marzahn-Hellersdorf (Berlin). The main target group is kids and young people. Which is why the website is a bit "loud".

[Foxberghof website]


2006 - 2012

Seminar venue in Paaren, near Berlin.

[Impact Associates website]

Impact Associates

2005 - 2013

A UK consultancy in disability issues within post 16 educational institutions.

[NADP website]

NADP - National Association of Disability Practitioners

2001 - 2012

The NADP is an organization for disability workers in UK academic institutions.

[CCH website]

CCH Confederation of Co-operative Housing

1998 - 2015

A decade of involvement with the co-operative movement in England brought me to my first long-term commitment as a webmaster.

[Brain.he website]



This colourfull website is aimed at people with learning difficulties in higher education institutions in the UK.

[ Brain.he Website ]

[Jan Volkmann website



2 Projects for Adocom, Dallgow, Germany.

[ Jan Volkmann Elektroinstallation ]

[Claus Sieber website]

Claus Sieber Pferdepension & Weingut


Website for horse riding stables and vineyard in the german countryside.

[Christine's website]

Christine's Kochbücher


A small site for my mother's cookbooks.

[ Christine's Website ]

[Access Summit Testpage]

Access Summit

2002 - 2003

Access Summit provides assessment and support to students with disabilities.

Early CSS-based, tableless design.

[DEMOS website]

DEMOS Project

2000 - 2003

A Higher Education project based at the Manchester Metropolitan University to develop material for staff disability awareness.

[ DEMOS Website ]

[MMU Learning Support website]

MMU Student Services / Learning Support


Redesign of the existing website of the MMU Student Services and Learning Support Unit, which urgently needed some accessibility, usability and information structure added to it.

[EDNER website]

EDNER Project


The dissemination website for a three year project by the Centre for Research in Library & Information Management (CERLIM), aimed at academics. This work included the management of the group's Intranet.

[NDT website]

NDT National Development Team


A website for the National Development Team, a non-profit organisation that works for people with learning disabilities.

Toucan Europe Ltd.

1998 - 2000

My first paid job as a web designer. The sites I designed while working for Toucan hailed from pre-standards days. HTML 4.0 Transitional with a comparatively basic stylesheet. Accessibility was my priority from the very beginning. However, back in 1998 this simply meant removing all FONT tags from the HTML and labelling images with ALT attributes. My earliest sites were made for Netscape 3. CSS layout was still in the distant future.

For Toucan Europe I developed and maintained a number of ESF funded project websites. Unfortuantely none of them exist anymore, including the Toucan main site. Some of the projects were:

  • Millennium Volunteers
  • Developing Employment in the Information Society. For this site I also maintained a subject-specific weblog from 1999 - 2000.
  • TAD - Telematics and Disability.
  • Online Information on Employment and Training Opportunities for Disabled People (ON-LINE) (a pity that some projects don't live on).
  • Pandora Project
  • Teleweb - Information and support for teleworkers

Check the archive for guides and publications authored by Iris.