Update April 2022: This site and the business are no longer active. This is simply an archive of my past. You can still contact me, though.


Guide to Accessible Web Design

A collation of tips, guidelines and resources for web designers, who wish to make their websites accessible to users with disabilities and older or assistive technology. Focuses on techniques but includes chapters on evaluation, barriers to access, legislation, usability, writing for the web and more.

This guide was originally written in 2002 at a time when accessibility was just becoming an issue in the online world and there were few resources available dealing with this topic. Although this guide has not been updated since 2005, most of its contents is still valid and valuable.

[ Guide to Accessible Web Design ]

DEMOS Project Website

[DEMOS website]

A Higher Education project to develop material for staff disability awareness that ran from 2000 - 2003, based at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

The result of this 3 year project lives on here on jarmin.com. Although the information on this site has not been updated since 2003 I still receive occasional emails from people who have stumbled across this still useful resource.

[ DEMOS Website ]

DEMOS Accessibility Guide

A version of the original Jarmin.com Accessibility Guide. This guide includes extra information on accessibility techniques used on the DEMOS site (following the WAI guidelines) and a number of demonstrations on how the site looks under a variety of circumstances.

[ DEMOS Accessibility Guide ]

[Meta website]

Guide to Metatags

Early 2000 university coursework. A beginners guide to the use of metatags in web documents.

[ Guide to Metatags ]


Case study for UKOLN (the UK Office for Library Networking) : Standards and Accessibility Compliance for the DEMOS Project Web Site.