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Browsers :

Web sites are accessed with a huge variety of different browsers, some of which put serious limits on the amount of control a web designer has over layout and design.

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Usability :

How easy is it for users to find what they are looking for? Do design and navigation confuse and distract them? Learn how to provide a positive user experience.

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Writing for the web :

Reading from a computer screen is a different experience from reading a book or newspaper. Learn how to adjust your writing style for the web.

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Information Architecture :

A brief note on Information Architecture, which brings a website's structure, design and content together.

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Submitting documents for web publication :

In some cases the web developer is not responsible for content. Here are some tips for content authors who submit their work to web professionals for publication.

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Tips for the easy transition from HTML to XHTML. XHTML is the latest standard for coding web sites.

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