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Evaluating Websites

Introduction :

To evaluate the accessibility of a website, we have to test it in a variety of scenarios.

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First impressions :

What are some of the obvious signs that tell us if a website is accessible or not?

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Keyboard access :

Ever tried navigating a website without a mouse?

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Different browsers :

Every browser has its own quirks when it comes to displaying web pages. Here are some of the browsers that you should test your own pages in.

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User control over presentation :

One measure of accessibility is whether a website allows the user to change its presentation, font-style and sizes, background and text colour and link colours. This chapter shows how to adjust these settings in a variety of browsers.

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Validation of code :

The validation of HTML syntax and of style sheets ensures standard compliance, which is an important contributor to accessibility.

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Case studies :

Take a look at some successful websites, where access to information is important.

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The resources section contains links to browser downloads, online accessibility checkers and articles on evaluating websites.

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